Have you ever thought to your self I would love to do this before I leave the Earth? You know Dream little things and dream big things? Everyone has big dreams when they are little. Yes, even little boy’s. As we get older we stop dreaming those big dreams. If they happen great but if they don’t happen we will never know we missed out on something. So here is my list of things that I would like to do before I leave this earth.

  1. I would like to move out of mom and dad’s home
  2. I would like to be the first one in my little family to get a two year degree
  3. I would love to get married
  4. I would love to have a big wedding one day
  5. I would like to have a house
  6. I would like to have a dog
  7. I would like to have a job that I like and pays more money
  8. I would like to have a good saving account with “money in it” Oh about 6 months of liveing.
  9. I would love to travel more
  10. I would love to live some were my family is not liveing at the time.
  11. I would love to go back to all the states that I lived in and show off the things that are there.
  12. I would love to have a mac book computer
  13. I would love to be able to get up to the cabin every weekend for a month
  14. I would love to take a pitcher every day for a week
  15. I would love to get my podcast up ever day that I record for two months.
  16. I would love to go back to school some day
  17. I would love to get back to church on Sundays
  18. I would love to go to daily mass ever week for 6 weeks.
  19. I would love to not need a work coach any more.
  20. I would love to go back to people that did not believe that I was going to be able to work and tell them I am doing it.
  21. I would like to say thank you to those people that believed in me.
  22. I would love to find old teachers that I really liked
  23. I would love to go to a twin’s game.
  24. I would love to get out to see mom and dad’s winter place
  25. write a letter to the doctor that changed my life. Not in a good way
  26. Take lunch to work for 2 weeks strate
  27. Go To DC for a week
  28. Write christmas cards and mail them
  29. take a weekend and do nothing but wach Harry Potter
  30. Get both my blog and podcast in the same place
  31. get an recorder that is a good one for podcasting
  32. get a Iphone that is not through At&t
  33. have a made for a week
  34. meet some of the sqpn people
  35. Meet some of the GSPN people
  36. Make on line faces, people and not just a name
  37. work a hole 2 weeks and not have to come in late
  38. find out how to see how many people are listening to my blog
  39. Get a domain name
  40. Find friends that I had in school when I was in C A
  41. Getting past the PTSD or make it lest
  42. get through May 2010 ( frist year after the trial)
  43. being able to write a note to the docter
  44. getting to the CNMC
  45. Getting to work ever day for a week
  46. getting more the 3000 steps for a week every day Monday to Friday
  47. I  should be able to get down to the weight I was in High school
  48. eat better
  49. start a blog that tells what I felt like when we moved this last time from one state to another
  50. Write about me getting sick
  51. keep the apt cleaner
  52. Add to this at any time.
  53. able to go back to the Courge center
  54. find a group
  55. go back to the group that I was in
  56. GO to church down town in on wesnday for a month
  57. cut my appontments down to seeing docters