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It has been a long time sends I got to be able to say I know how to do it. Today was a day like every other days that the bank is open on a holiday . Because RDI’s have a lot to do with the FED’s and other banks we did not get very much work at all. So with less than 75 items I had a feeling that I was going to be doing a lot of BIC today. Well, that was not it, we got to do something that I had already learned. I got to teach my co-workers on how to do what we needed to do. I got to show and teach my co-works something that I have all ready know how to do.

It’s just been so long seats I got to shine. I know that it’s not a nice thing to say. But you guys I was in my place to shine. I really don’t get to shine much at work. Yet today I did.

Now on Thursday, it will be very busy in the RDI area. I can put a book on and then just go. Work like I know how, keep my head down and just work. Thursday is going to be ketch up day for us because today was a FED holiday.


Yes I have a disability, Don’t start saying everything is because of it


I had a hard time last week talking to the work coach and we were talking about my life at work. I’m getting ready to learn some new things and I’m trying to leave an open mind about it. However, the one person that I don’t have to keep a good face on should be the work coach, right? Well that is not what happened. She said that because, I was so worried about learning this new thing. That the anxiety was getting the better of me and “anxiety” is my disability. The only thing I could think of this no it’s a part of it. I have C P as my disability however don’t start saying that everything is because of my disability. Some of what I have is just life and I know it, I get it but you should be here to help me be the best person at work that I can be.

So anything that I said was taken in a way that I felt that she was and did keep saying it’s the anxiety your disability. By the end of the hour I was stiff and mad. She did not even see that I was in pain. I had told her about the pain and how it was hurting my work. I’m having pain in both legs and it’s just there. I have called all the doctors about it and they all say the same thing. However, I thought she should know about this. So back to us leaving she did not see or look at me and my face of pain.

Something is telling me that I’m glad that she didn’t see me because she would have said oh that is just your disability.

I have to say in this post that yes I have a disability but it has only been a bit that I have been able to say I have cerebral Palsy and really believe that I have it. I’m still learning how to understand what that means to me and how I live my life. I am still learning all the things that I can do and all the things that I just have to do in a different way. I will always get the job done in one way or another it’s just how am I going to do it.

So as life keeps going on I will still be a person in learning. Yet, please don’t say it’s because you have a disability. It’s a part of me it’s not all of me. I know I have to learn things about the disability,, the Cerebral Palsy. So if you can help that would be great. Oh yes, you all are great for reading about the up’s and down’s of a person that is just trying to live in the world of today.

This past week


Have you ever had a week that all the things that you where going to do was off. Well that is what happened to me. From the beginning of the week I was off. I missed an appointment and I also made one up. I only made it to the pool one time. I think I only went to church one or two times last week. I was just not having a good week at all. I think Part of it is that now that I have a very big bag that I am using I’m not caring my planner around. So last week I did not look at it one time. I’m going to need to start using my I touch to make sure that I get every where I need to go. So with all this stuff going on Friday came and I thought I was going to go to the pool but I came home and slept hard. I was out all night. And even today I was not into getting up really I did not want to do anything but sleep.

I did get up and I did get moving and I found that the sun was out and I really needed to just do something. So I cleaned the deck for a bit. Then I got to sit out side for a bit longer. I loved it, yes we can still get snow and it can still get very cold here but today was just a day that was so nice. My body just needed to get out.

I did do a few audio boos this week so you might want to go and look at them. I have also been taking time to get up today on my movies that I have not seen or just some quiet time for me.

There are going to be some things that are going to be changing at work. One of my very good friends and co-workers will be leaving the department. She got a new job in the bank. I’m very happy for her. But I’m going to miss her so much. she is the best worker that I know. We have a very good team that is going to be changing and I don’t think that we will have that kind of team again. Yes I’m not looking at the good things of this change. However, we have been a team that has been together for a very long time. She and I have been working together for more than three years. It’s just not going to be the same. Both myself and my other co-worker are going to have a bit of a change in how much we need to learn from her before she leaves.

It’s been 6 years down town


Hi all, I would like to tell you all, that it has been 6 whole years working down town. I still can’t believe it myself. Who would have thought that I would still be doing the same thing that I was doing 6 years ago. Well, let me reword that. I am doing the same thing but it’s done very different. Life in the past 6 years has changed is so many ways. Some of the ways that changed were good and other changes were not so good. Let me see, I have had 4 bosses. I have seen so many people come and go. I started on the 17th floor and now I work in the basement. I have been getting down town for those six year. I have had to learn how to take a bus and then my car. I have had to also learn how to network.

I hope I last 6 more years doing something of the same thing. Oh yes I have also been with the bank for 11 years OH MY!!

learning new things


It’s been such a long time scents I got to learn something new at work. So right now learning new things are so much fun. I get to challenge myself with many new and fun things. I know that I need to keep doing them so that I can remember them but really I think I can do it. Well, at least I know I can do it. I love what I do at the bank. I have never really said anything bad about the bank and the job that I’m in right now. But I do know there is going to be change that is going to happen. Life is full of change right??

So learning new things at work is going to give me more things to keep my mind going and learning. So thanks for believing in me to be able to learn and change with the work around me. Thank you for believe tha a person with a disability can change. Thanks for helping with the new work coach.

so very much to say and just not the time


Ok here we go, sit down and get something good to eat and start reading. I have a lot to say and not much time. My life is much the same as it was last week however, I didn’t have as many appointments. I don’t think I like that, why you might ask well, I just come home and sleep. Yes for the past week I think I have gotten more sleep them ever. My body is so used to going all the time that when I get home I don’t have time to eat and view TV and do all the things that a person that is going to college gets to do. I am coming home most time after appointments and have a few mints to farm my farm ville, say Hi to my loving boyfriend, and then go to bed. It’s just the way my life is. Well for some very strange reason something that I am not saying is bad all that much, this week I had one appointment.

I really did not know what to do with my self, Really. I tried to do some of the same things that I would have done after the appointments but I was still getting home at a time that was over well-meaning early for me.

I have to also say that my I touch can play MOVIES AND TV SHOWS. This is not good I can view girly show again and the b friend can just not know that I’m doing it again. I love  those kind of shows. One you can have a bad day and start watching something like that and then if people see you crying you can just say it’s the show. I’m fine, even if you are not. The best cover up ever.

I also have some great friends, I don’t know if I have really had the time to talk about how my friends are the best. You know when you move to a new job or a new place to live and you always say call me, or e-mail me and it never happens. Well I have always been blessed with some very great friends through out my life. People that I have known my whole life. Others who I have known for more than half my life, and then there are the people who you just meet and know you are going to be great friends. Well as I have said in the past I have two co-workers that are so good to me. I love them so very much. I would do anything for them. I am able to talk to them and I’m able to listen to them. I know what they are saying is something coming from the heart. So when I was talking to one of them one day I was just saying how much my error’s have been going up. How much I was getting down on me. And if she could help me find a way to help me. You know what she said to me. Mary as your co-worker and friend this is what I think you should do.. . I have taken into account of what she had said to me and even though my time is going down I don’t see as many errors in my work. So thank you to that one co-worker.

It’s still very cold out but I have been able to make some very good strides in getting out of my brace. I just need to keep going on it. Soon I will be out and I will be bloging all about it. I can’t wait until the day that I can come here and say again I’m out of the brace. Life will be so good. The other thing is that if I can get my movies from DVD to my I Touch I will be even more happy. I am using Handbrake that a person had said they use. I think this person is a very good person and that would not lead me a stray.

So I think that is kind of what has been on my mind for the past few days. I know I have not been here as much as I would like to. I also have not done somthing that I said I was going to do. A pitcher a day. I just have not been into it lately. I think that S.A.D is starting to set in. People up here where we don’t get any sun get this some times. And if you know you get it there is more power to you. It’s those people that don’t know they have it. It’s hard to say that you have it because you don’t want to look like you are not perfect. Well I have to say I’m not perfect and that word is not in the words that I can use.

Start work again


Ok the day has come, that I’m going to have to go back to work. I need to go to bed at 8pm tonight. I have to get up every early. However I will be happy to be back in the grind of it. This year I’m going to e working on trying to work more than I did last year. I know that it’s going to be hard and I’m going to have to work hard on this one. So I have told my body and my mind that if I give myself something nice one time a month if I make it one day more than I did last year things will be better.  Not anything big just a little thing like a gift card for a move or getting something hot to drink. I’m very happy to set this goal. I hope that I will be able to do it.