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Start something different 


This year has been one that has had many good things. I have moved out of an apartment this year. I had some really good times in the apartment. I still can’t believe we where in that place for more then 10 years. My husben and I are very happy to say we have a house. My job is going well. Over all this year has been very good. With a new beginning, I thought that I would really give it a go with blogging again. This time around I was thinking that I would not take it so  seriously.Yes there are some big things that I might talk about but I will not try and blog every day, my life dosen’t have the time to blog that much. With that said I have a few days off work and for christmas I got a new Ipad that I love. I have been talking to my husben about trying to find a new or old thing to help me unwind. I was also trying to explain myself to someone about who I am and who I was at one time. When I was talking to this person I told her that I was a blogger at sone time. I loved to blog years and years ago. It was a great way for me to express myself. I stopped blogging because I didn’t find it fun anymore. Life changes and I moved on from that. She said to me have your ever thought you would go back to it? I said no. however, the more I think about it, the more I think I might like to do it again.  

This past summer I took a class of photography and think I’m getting really good. So I might share photos here or on my other blog. I might even share them on both. The teacher of the class said something to the effect of it’s great to take the pictures but if know one gets to see tham then why take them. So for Christmas I framed a picture that I took for my parents. It looked really good. I’m sorry I didn’t get a pitcher of it I am hoping that mom or dad will send me a picture of it.


Fall is here


Fall is here, Oct always was the start of fall in my mind. When I was still living with my family out west it was the time of year that the weather changed. Most the time it would be a time that the trees would change and it would be so much fun to go out side and see what was going on. I think that one of the best things was when we were in Flagstaff Az. I loved to be out side at this time of year.  As a very young kid I was living in CA. I remember that the Hot weather would change and life was a bit better. I remember going to the mountainses and having lunch. That was one of the things and almost the only things that I remember about Fall in C A.

Now that I am on my own I am learning that I need to make new memories of what fall is like. So I am going to just that. I found an app and it is 365 days of pitchers. So starting today I will be taking a pitcher of something for the next month. I know it’s going to be hard but I know I can do it.

Why am I doing somthing like this you might be asking your self. Well it’s been a very long time sents I have tryed to do something for myself. I mean in a good way, yes I have been trying to get over my PTSD. I have also been trying to get use to doing new things at work. But really I need to just do a good thing for me. Try and make time and good memories for me. Man I have a lot of bad ones but good ones are somewhat hard to find. I mean fall and winter are always hard on my body and life just take a spin out of contral for me. But it’s time to make good ones, again.