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Around about way to get to a very good post.


Today, I was going  through my e-mail. I have a few people who I get their blog post to my e-mail. One of my very good friends Eunice put a post out. She has a blog that is called As life flutters by. . . She is a very good friend and a very long time friend. Just a bit of some background. she and I went to High School together. She is a very great and wonderful person. When we were in school I looked up to her. And really I’m still look up to her in ways that only I know, she does not even how she still changes my life.

Ok so what is her post have to do with this one. Well she hand a link in her post that went to Sarah and her blog. When I read Sarah’s blog post (flower). It Hit me in the face. Not like what I think Eunice had but it took me from a place of not liking my life and brought it back to here is where I am for a reason. My life has been up and down. My family moved all over the place. I never really wanted to come to MN. My father still does not get it, at least I don’t think he gets it. Every thing changed when my family moved the last time. I have never been very happy here in MN. However, after reading Sarah’s post I have roots In MN. I have people who love me. Now that I have to learn how to deal with my Cerebral Palsy as an adult. I’m glad that I get to stand up and learn about it. I am not in a place were I am just another person with a disability. I’m not just another person with Cerebral Palsy. I am a person that is living out her life in ways that I every thought I would. I am doing never thing that I would have love to do.

I am a very different person that likes to stick up for now. I am getting help with learning that I am not just another person. I am a person that will not just sit down and let life passed before me. I am a person that still loves to do what I can and if I can’t do it I will find a way. It might take you 2 steps. Yet, I will have to take 4 steps to get the end of what ever “we” are trying to get done.

The last thing I would like to say is thank you to Eunice and to Sarah for showing me that I’m in the right place. I’m in a place that is hard but I am in the place that I needed to be.


When one door closes another will open


I am find out that some people change, just like myself. I have had to end a friendship that was a good one, then the next day it would be bad. My friend said to me that she did not like what has been going on. Well this person was not a really good friend. If anything it was a person that I know in College. My life has changed so much from when I was in college. I was a whole different person back then. Yet as that door was going to be closing a new door was opening with a new friend. I think that this new person that I have talked to a few times is a much healthier friendship. So lets all hope that this one will be a better one. And you know if it is not I know that another one will be opening soon.

Things have changed and I don’t know what to think


Have you ever had something change so much that you really don’t know what is right and what is wrong? I know that people change but I never thought that things would change like this. A lot of my friends from growing up changed right in front of me. If they were people who I have not talked to or just kept up on their whole lives seem to have changed. Yet, the people who I kept up with all of them seem to not have changed that much. Now we have all changed but to think of people who I thought I know really well when we were growing up. And now finding them on Facebook or other things like that is kind of like trying to meet them all over.

Something to think about today.

Winter in Mn


Yes, I did write a post about winter being here in MN. Well, all the snow is gone for now. and I am very happy to say that I’m doing good. I have also been finding out a lot about me. Winter is a very hard time for me, I think you guys all know it. Yet, this year I’m trying to find other ways to look at winter in a different way. Now I say that I’m going to try to work on looking at winter different but I know it’s going to be hard. So, I’m hoping to find some snow clothes yes snow pants. If I’m going to live here it’s time that I get some snow pants. My winter clothes are going to be coming out this weekend I think. But really I’m ready to take a lot of pitchers for me to put together for myself and my family.

After I got my I touch and I got my I pad I have just found that I love pitchers. I would love to get something that is better than the I touch but right now I have known money and there will be many post about money and how much I don’t have. I’m glad that I am finding this part of my life out before I go all out for Christmas. I am finding new ways to make and give presents. It’s hard to now this because there are little kids to buy for, this year. It’s been a long time for not having little kids to buy for, so I find it hard for me not to love seeing little kid faces light up.

I am learning that I don’t need anything from people. Really I would love is to know that my family is doing well.

so very much to say and just not the time


Ok here we go, sit down and get something good to eat and start reading. I have a lot to say and not much time. My life is much the same as it was last week however, I didn’t have as many appointments. I don’t think I like that, why you might ask well, I just come home and sleep. Yes for the past week I think I have gotten more sleep them ever. My body is so used to going all the time that when I get home I don’t have time to eat and view TV and do all the things that a person that is going to college gets to do. I am coming home most time after appointments and have a few mints to farm my farm ville, say Hi to my loving boyfriend, and then go to bed. It’s just the way my life is. Well for some very strange reason something that I am not saying is bad all that much, this week I had one appointment.

I really did not know what to do with my self, Really. I tried to do some of the same things that I would have done after the appointments but I was still getting home at a time that was over well-meaning early for me.

I have to also say that my I touch can play MOVIES AND TV SHOWS. This is not good I can view girly show again and the b friend can just not know that I’m doing it again. I love  those kind of shows. One you can have a bad day and start watching something like that and then if people see you crying you can just say it’s the show. I’m fine, even if you are not. The best cover up ever.

I also have some great friends, I don’t know if I have really had the time to talk about how my friends are the best. You know when you move to a new job or a new place to live and you always say call me, or e-mail me and it never happens. Well I have always been blessed with some very great friends through out my life. People that I have known my whole life. Others who I have known for more than half my life, and then there are the people who you just meet and know you are going to be great friends. Well as I have said in the past I have two co-workers that are so good to me. I love them so very much. I would do anything for them. I am able to talk to them and I’m able to listen to them. I know what they are saying is something coming from the heart. So when I was talking to one of them one day I was just saying how much my error’s have been going up. How much I was getting down on me. And if she could help me find a way to help me. You know what she said to me. Mary as your co-worker and friend this is what I think you should do.. . I have taken into account of what she had said to me and even though my time is going down I don’t see as many errors in my work. So thank you to that one co-worker.

It’s still very cold out but I have been able to make some very good strides in getting out of my brace. I just need to keep going on it. Soon I will be out and I will be bloging all about it. I can’t wait until the day that I can come here and say again I’m out of the brace. Life will be so good. The other thing is that if I can get my movies from DVD to my I Touch I will be even more happy. I am using Handbrake that a person had said they use. I think this person is a very good person and that would not lead me a stray.

So I think that is kind of what has been on my mind for the past few days. I know I have not been here as much as I would like to. I also have not done somthing that I said I was going to do. A pitcher a day. I just have not been into it lately. I think that S.A.D is starting to set in. People up here where we don’t get any sun get this some times. And if you know you get it there is more power to you. It’s those people that don’t know they have it. It’s hard to say that you have it because you don’t want to look like you are not perfect. Well I have to say I’m not perfect and that word is not in the words that I can use.

11 things that I would love to do this year


Hi all, I know this is very late but here are the 11 things that I would love to work on this year. So in no kind of order this is what I would like to do this year.

1. keep blogging even when it’s something I don’t feel like doing. I have found that when I blog I feel better. Why, I don’t know.

2. Pitchers, I love to take pitchers. I think my friends some times get up set that I am always trying to take pitchers of things and them. I would like to still try to take a pitcher a day. I’m a bit behind but I would love to do that. I could almost do that as a blog post.

3 Friends. I would love to keep making friends and keep in touch with my very old and dear friends. I love to  talk to people but it’s hard because now that we are all older “we” all have jobs. But I know I can sit down and write a note out to them at the end of the day. I even found some cards.

4 keep on top of my health. I know this must sound like I am just doing the same thing that I am doing all ready, yes I am on top of it. However the weekends are kind of different. I have it down when I’m at work during the week. However the weekend is much harder. I have timers that go off  on the weekend now.

5 podcasting, Ok so last year I kind of slowed down on podcasting. I have found that it was taking a lot of time. So This year with my podcast I will be doing something a bit different I think. What is this something different that I am doing. Well if you have not been over to my Audio boo I would highly tell you to go over there. Here is the website. If you would like to get it as an RSS feed you can go here. However I just went over there and I am not finding anything that I recorded when I was out-of-town. So if you can help me that would be great.

Podcasting will still happen but I am still going to be cutting back like last year. I am just finding that I don’t have the time at night to get it all up. All the time

6 I am going to take control of my money this year. Yes I can hear you all about the “you’re a banker”  and yes I am. but not all bankers have a good time trying to get their money in order.

7. saving for next year. I would love to go to AZ every year. This was the best time I had. My body was so happy about the trip. I was out in the sun almost every day. As I am writing this, I am starting to get titer again I can feel the diffrent feeling that is not so great to have. Being out there also is good to see mom and dad. It’s time with mom and dad that is not up at the cabin. I know that they are getting older and their health is not great so if I can get to them I will do anything I can to get there. So saving for next year.

8 Summer time. I am going to spend more time up at the lake I know you guys are again saying you were there a lot. Yes again I have to say I was there a lot this past summer but I really like the lake. I can find myself at the lake. I know that I can get out of the city and go some were that I love and I can be by myself. I think this is something that my parents have given me. I need the time for me to think. I need time to clear my mind of all the in and outs of life. So going up to the lake is a great thing.

9 Weight, Yes I think every person that writes this kind of thing down says ” I would like to lose weight” This is an on going thing for me. I think and hope that if I lose weight I will have more movement in my body. I have been looking and my body is still changing. I don’t know if it’s because of the CP or if it’s because of my weight.

10 house keeping, I am not a good person for this. So I’m going to be trying to keep up with the house keeping.

11. Church. I feel like I have found a church that I love. I have been going to it for a bit now. It’s down town and it’s a church that my family does not go to. I love to go to that church also but it’s not my church. So some time this year I would still love to get my self to go to church on Wensdays

Need help


I need help with something.  I need to get the weight off. I know I have talked about this over and over again but I just seem to find a way to get out of it. I have tried to find people who are out there that have started to get into shape but I feel like I’m never going to get off my duff and get going. I try to walk as much as I can. I’m doing the things that I need to do. I am not eating as much as I was before. However, I hear and see my friends that have lost so much weight that I feel like I’m not going to be able to do it.

Even my sis is looking so good. I don’t know how she does it. But she looks so good. I hope and pray one day I will look like that. I love her so much and I hope she is reading this because there has been some post that I was not so happy about her but I really would like to say that my sis look so good. And if she can’t see it, I can find the old pitchers of her.

But back to me and my weight thing. I have heard that it takes about one month to make it a part of your life. Ok, I can see that, it’s going to take time with this whole thing. But winter is like just around the bend and I’m going to be getting cold very fast. My body is already starting to not like me at all. I was thinking of going to the YMCA. it is just up the road for me. However, I don’t know if that would be a good thing because I can’t use all my energy on working out. I will never make it through a week. So what do I do?

Some times I feel like I have just given up on my self. I don’t like to think that so then I try to do something and I feel so out of shape. I don’t want to lose what I have. I am a person that likes to keep going. Life is not that bad that I have to stay in one spot but I need the time to relax and just let my body do what it needs to be able to work for the next week. Does this look like I’m making excuses for not getting in shape? Some times I feel like it is and other times I feel like it’s just life. So what do I do?