It has been a long time cents I wrote but there is a reason


I have not been able to write like I use to be able to write when I first started this blog. When I was younger I blogged as a new way to tell my story.  I was still very young and I didn’t really know what I was doing. As time has changed and life keeps moving forward. I have found other ways to talk, share, live, and love me. the first things is that I did start a new blog and I think that if you like reading this one you will love to see what I do on the other blog. The other blog is “One thought one picture”  you can find it here. Through the past months I have been working on this blog. I have found a way to still do something that I like and keep my mind on not just work or things that drag me down. I think it has helped me in more ways that doing something that I love.

At this time though I will be able to tell you in my everyday life I am doing much more then just working and going to appointments and I love it. With the boyfriend working just a little bit more I have had to take on much more then what I would have done in the past. I have found that I love to cook. I have been able to make some of my mom’s recipes things that bring me happy memories from still living at home.

I also got really sick this past winnter. I mean really sick I had to stay at home for a week. I thought I was going out of my mind with the staying at home. Even doing that I was starting to remember when I was in the High School band and if one person went down we all went down. Life was hard when I was young,  NOT.

I am also going through some changes in my own life. As my mom would say and some of the doctors say growing pains


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