35 years old and what do I have to show for it?


As I was sitting at home again today, being sick still I got to thinking about how old I am right now and what do I have to show for it. Well, really there is not much to show for anything in my late 20’s early 30’s. I think that my whole life when I was still living at home had more things happen in it then the last 10 years of my life. I was much more out going then I am now. I was a kid that went and did things just for doing something. Now I have to make sure that all meds are taken and all appointments are kept. At my age my mom had two kids and living in a new state. What have I done nothing. At my age my sister was married. What I have to show for it no marriage. My sister was also moving up a corporate latter. I am still sitting at a starting job.

I think some of this is just coming out because I’m sick. So just take it for what it is


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  1. My sweet friend, you are too hard in yourself. You have lived 35 years. There was a time when you were told you wouldn’t have but 5. You have worked for the same company for more than 10 years, which is 4 times longer than most of us your age have ever worked for any company. You inspire everyone you touch in life. Don’t think that you haven’t lived because honestly, you’ve done more living than most people your age.

    • Eunice,

      I am so glad to read your comment
      Who would have thought that I would still not have a family to call my own. I look at many of my friends and they have done some great things in there lifes. Some have PhD’s and higher. Others of them have kids and many kids. So looking at them, and you makes me look at myself and say what have I done. Really I have a hard time seeing past all the things that I don’t have. Oh wait, I know how to pick some really Great friends and that includes YOU.

  2. Mary,
    I’m with them! Don’t underestimate all that you have accomplished.I got to know you when you first started your podcast and have been inspired ever since in all that you have done, despite your disabilities. So thank you!

    • Jim

      Thank you so much It’s always nice to hear this kind of thing from others. It is just so hard to look at me now and see all the things that I would have loved to have done or accomplished at this age.

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