First post of the year


Here I am writing my first post for the year. I have already had many things to think about this year. That is why I have not been able to write as much as I would have liked to. Starting last Nov I have been listening to audiobooks and have been able to listen to them many times.  I have started a new blog and I love it. I am so happy that I started when I did. It is a blog that makes me post every day. I also have to take a picture every day or use a picture that I have taken. The new blog is called My own Pictures of the day.  As for other things it just has gotten off to a ruff start.  My old boss was diagnosed with brain cancer right before christmas. It is stage four cancer and so I have been thinking of him and his family. There was a group of us that sent him a fruit basket. It was not much but I think he knows that we are all thinking of him. I am also getting a new work coach this year. I thought with this news I would be all upset with it. However, a part of me is just happy and knows that this is something that I can do because I have done it before. I am still trying to get the Christmas letter out, I think they are going to turn in to New years note.

Now for the good news 🙂

I have now worked at the bank long enough that i get more time off. So with that in mind I will be taking more time off in the summer to get to the cabin.  I have been able to get to the pool a few more times this winter. I have also been able to drop an appointment this year.  I think the big news is just that I have found that I love my audiobooks. I can work and listen to them and it makes the time go faster.

So with a lot of hope and praying I will be able to come and write again in my blog more then one time a month. P)


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  1. sorry to hear about your boss ~ I will keep him in my prayers…. yes, audio books are great…I forget but are you on Goodreads? that is sort of like Facebook for book lovers…You can track all your books there and see what your friends are reading

    • Jim
      You always say something and I really like that about you. Thanks for the prayers of my old boss. He is the nicest person that I had the time to work under. I hear that he has his good days and bad days.

      I am sorry to day I’m not on Goodreads at this time. Can you tell me more about it?

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