I don’t want to get older


How many times do you think of this statement when you were little ” I can’t what until I get older because . . .” So now I sit here and say can’t I go back to the beginning and start all over. I watch my oldest niece talk about how life is going to be so much better when. . . I know she is just going through her Teenage years of life. However it’s hard to know that I know were she is right now and then know how the other side of that statement goes. If I could go back to the time of life that I was in middle school I would. I look back and really that was my best time of growing up. It was some of the best times that I can remember.  I was at the age that it was still ok to ride your bikes up and down the road and it was also time to learn how to give up the little kid things.

So to my oldest niece don’t worry about the little things in life just have fun right now, Don’t live for tomorrow and forget to live in today.


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