back to the brace on my right hand


Today I went to the doctor for my arm because it is still hurting and I needed to go for getting paper work for work. It’s been a good month and I can say that it’s gotten better. I can now let someone touch my arm and not pull back in pain. However, it still hurts in some places. I got another injection and I wait to see if my arm takes to it. I will be back in my hand or arm brace again. It’s really hard because I have now put myself back in the leg brace. I knew that it was going to happen sooner than later. It’s hard to make my body like the leg brace but I know that it was time. The cold weather is what gets to me all the time. And with fall here it was just going to take time before my body would not like me anymore. So that time is now and the cain is out also. Using it will be hard because the arm that I walk with it will be a bit harder to use, you see that is the same arm that my arm brace is in. So I hope that the arm will take to the injection and I can get out of it again. But for now I have one leg in a brace and one arm in a brace. Man getting old is hard.


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