vote yes or no


As I am still thinking very hard about the way I’m going to Vote this Tuesday my friend on face book put this out for everyone to think about. I thought I would pass it on to you.

a long long time ago one of my assistant managers told me i have to go vote.. i told him no i don’t have to if i don’t want too!! but 
u know way to many people are fighting over this election who’s better Romney or Obama? well i put it this way..ya’ll know how i feel and to be honest with you, it’s none of my business who you like or should i say vote for!! i thought there was a thing out that you can’t let other’s know who you vote for? isn’t the bars suppose to close until a certain time so people can’t bribe other’s with drinks? who know’s maybe i’m from the wrong planet.. anyways… in two more days, the election is going to take place.. DON’T POST WHO YOU VOTED FOR!!! DON’T GO BRAGGING ABOUT WHO WON AND LOST THAT’S IN BAD TASTE!! it’s no body’s business..THE CHOICE IS UP TO, BUT I WILL SAY THIS.. IF U DON’T VOTE U DON’T HAVE NO RIGHT TO BITCH ABOUT WHAT’S GOING ON!! to be honest with you I CAN’T WAIT TILL THIS IS OVER WITH!! IT’S IN GOD’S HANDS.. HE’LL KNOW WHAT’S BEST FOR HE LET’S US DECIDE WHAT TO DO!! 
Can I also say that a lot of people gave there life’s for us to Vote and if you don’t go and vote you are telling those people that you don’t care that they gave there life’s up for you.

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