Something I found on face book


Today when I was looking around on face book I read something that touched  my heart and I really thought you all mike like to read it also.

This was on the wall of
Lori Drummond

and it went like this

m still a person can’t you see
despite the things that’s wrong with me
all i’m asking is to treat me right
cuz it’s hard enough keeping up the fight!!
As I scream “please listen to what I say
I didn’t ask to be this way
I didn’t ask to always be in pain
Always feeling like I’m insane
I didn’t ask to live in fear
Not knowing where to go from here
It’s not easy being the way I am
Yet I find that I still give a damn
Why can’t anyone understand
All I need is a helping hand
What I wouldn’t do for a warm embrace
And to wipe away the tears from my face
You see I still have a heart inside of me
Even though this is how my life turned out to be
by lil ole ME

Some times I forget that I’m not the only one fighting a battle of hurt and pain. I have been blessed with people on face book that know the pain and the hurt I am in most of the time. So thank you so much


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