think back 15 year


I have been looking on-line at some dear and old friends. They all have kids and have family’s of their own. It got me to thinking about what was I doing 15 years ago. Lets see I would have been 20 years old. I was living with my parents still. We were living in Arizona at the time. I was going to college still. Life was good to me 15 years ago.

A lot has changed in 15 years. The whole family moved to a new state, a very cold state “Minnesota”  Both Mom and Dad have been able to be with their family now that they are home. My sister and I have now really been able to see were all the family stories took place. I got done with my 2 year degree, it took 5 years to get but I was the first one to get it.  I am not living at home anymore. I think that the parents moved right after I moved out. I have moved 2 more times. I am working at a bank. Something I have always wanted to do. I have made it through 13 years of winters in this state. I have been able to see my sister bring home the one and only nephew and I would not change that at all. I have 3 nieces to call me TIA. So the family of 4 now is a bigger family that I love very much. I have been able to do things that I thought I would not ever been able to do. Like drive myself to the cabin many times. I have been driving in to Minneapolis  for 8 years now. I have a very loving and great boyfriend now. He has been a part of my life for a long time. I have also had to over come many things that has changed me in more ways than one. I think there are a few very big ones that will have altered my life for ever. Here are just a few;

The paxil thing will always be something that I will never forget

The life altering thing and the trial

Leaning how to deal with the Cerebral Palsy on my own

learning how to deal with my health problems

Learn how to let go of things I have no control  over


Something that I am working on right now, knowing that even though I have a disability and have to ask for help from the state, I am still the same person that I was before I asked.

Lets go back again to 15 or even 20 year I was in High School in Flagstaff Az. I loved every moment of High School life. Band was everything to me and my friends. I have so much that I was doing in those 4 years of my life. Everything from walking to and from school to having my own car. Playing my instrument to going to church things. I had so much fun with friends from school to meeting people from all over the state. I really think my life was all about church and playing my instrument. I would not have changed anything.

So what were you doing 15 years ago???


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