First Post after the movie


Today is the first time that I have been on the computer since we have moved. I have not been to my Face book on a computer all week. So that means that I have not had time to do any thing with my farm on face book.

The move is still happening this weekend. We started he whole thing in the middle of the week and the great and best BF was able to do a lot of things when I was at work that was one very good thing that happened. I went to work and them I was able to come home and pack or clean not for very long because I did have to work the next morning. I can say that I tried to keep all appointments away from this week, it was hard and next week is going to be a very big week for me. Appointments all week. There was only one appointment that I was not willing to call and tell her that I was not going to be able to come. The BF knows how important that one appointment is in my little world.

He  also started to take a class. I really like this idea about him taking classes when he is not working. It gives him something to do and something to look forward to.

So back to moving, we got the keys on Oct 2. in the morning, that was talked over with the office, the week before the move. However, I got a call in the morning at work asking me what time I was going to be able to do the walk through. I very nicely on the phone said that I was at work and the BF was going to be doing the walk through. I got off the phone and I was madder then anything.  About 5 min later I missed the call from the BF telling me that  ‘we’ are doing the walk though when I get home.  As i look back on it I’m glad that I didn’t get to him at work. Later on that day I got home and I saw him and he had already started to move into the new place. I was still mad. However, this whole walk through was not as great as I would have liked. Because the office didn’t take more time on getting it ready there were some very big things that didn’t get done. I had told the office to take as much time as they needed to and we would be able to move when they got done. Well they only took 1 1/2 days. So things were not done and we were not happy about that in the walk through.

Well the next day I had a little miss have with my car and I needed the BF to come down and jump my car. I didn’t get home like I wanted to. I was planing on being home right after work. It was more like 3 hours later It kind of got to me but I know that I needed to work with what was given to me.  When I did get home I saw that the bed was not in the old apt at that time I said to my self Ok start to move your clothes so you have something to have for tomorrow. I thought my mind was thinking the right things. Well I got down to the new place and there is no bed there. Yes we had all the parts for the bed but no bed. The two boys started to move the big things from the old apt to the new one. I just keep moving my clothes from one place to the next. The boys got done for the night and they went out for dinner. I told them that I needed to sleep a bit. So that is what I did was sleep and when I got up I was still trying to find the things that I needed to get for the next day. The BF came home and he and I put the bed together and when to bed. The next day I got up and went to work like always.

And now now it’s time to say good bye to the old places and Hey to the new place. Even though we are out of the old place as of this morning we are still moving things around it’s very hard on me but I know if the BF could do it all last week then I know I need to find it in me to work on this whole thing for 24 hours.


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