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Today is one of the last days that I will have to blog at my place. You see we are moving and I am very happy about that. So I just had to get this last post from the old place in. I have been working and still working on the appointments. I have gotten to cut them down to about half. Some weeks it’s still having an appointment every day like last week. However, there are weeks that I don’t have but one or two.

I have been able to get up to the lake this past summer,  not as much as I would have liked but some is better than none. Mom and Dad are getting ready to go to the winter place at the beginning of  this month. I can say that it’s always hard on me to see them leave. I don’t know why it’s hard on me but it might be that knowing that it’s not just a hop skip and a jump away from them like in the summer. I also know that the brace is not far behind because it gets cold and I get so stiff.

I got to see my cousin get married this summer. It was a very small wedding in the back yard at her family home. I loved it and I’m so happy for them. Finding a dress was not hard it was the shoes that were the hardest to get. Putting the dress on was a big thing this summer, because I have not been able to put a dress on for so long.

This past summer I did get to spend time with my sisters family a bit more. It was so good to see all the kids get older durning the summer. I got to see each one of them grow up just a little bit more this summer.  They all learned how to push each other to grow as sister and brother and then as a person how to navigate through getting older. it was eye opening for me to see how kids these days try to find their own way through life.  All of the kids are back to school now and I think that is great. We ALL got through the summer.

Like I said I am moving and I can’t wait. It’s going to be a great thing. It will be a bigger apartment and more room. I think that just having more room is the biggest plus of all. We are going to have hard wood floors. We will be on the first floor and I think that will be good also.
So if this is the last post from this very good apartment then I will say that the past 8 years in this place has been great and I can’t what for the next 8 years.

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    • Luck it’s more like I need a few prayers and a few more to go on top of that. I know it will work and I know that it will all get done after my hand gets better.
      There will be pitchers soon.

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