I am 35 and I’m glad


This past week I had a birthday and I thought it was going to be a hard day for me. The reason that I thought it was going to be hard is that I have always had goals in mind and 35 was a big thing. Well as life has happened some of those goals have not happened yet. I have had to change some of my goals around, and others of them have changed with out my help. Who would have thought I would be at the same job for 13 years. I know that was not in the plan at all but here I am sitting at the same company 13 years later and loving every moment. I have also been able to be TIA  for 6 kids that I love so much. I am still close to my family.

This week I got to get some pitchers that I never thought I would have had taken. It was so much fun because they were things that I have never done in my life and I loved being in them. I all most forgot how much I can ask for things and sometimes they come true. For the good pitchers I just had to ask. And all the people who I asked said yes.

I am going to try my hardest this year to do things that I never would have thought I could do. It’s going to be a year of making goals and doing them. I can’t wait.


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