can’t believe what happened


I can’t believe what just happened last week. You all know how I believe in the spoon Theory? I have had so many people read out loud the spoon Theory, most people will read it and then look at me and say Oh my, Mary I can’t believe this and do you really have to keep “Spoons” then I say yes I do. I have to make sure that I have the spoon’s to do everything in life. I have to count the baby steps of every thing I do.

Most people who have read the spoon theory are people who I have to talk to or be around  during the week. So they see me in a good way, and a person that hurts all over. The Spoon Theory has been able to explain in words how I feel. Why I have good days and bad days. I get it out and share it as much as I can when I get a new doctor, new boss, think I found a friend and even the boy friend. Some times I need to read it again when I feel like nothing is going my way. I have even given it to my own family to read. So I use it a tool to show others what my life is like.

Let’s just say that the last person didn’t even want to read it and talk about it.  This hurt me so much.


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