Getting better at the Library


I have been working very hard on getting better at using the Library. I wrote a post back a bit about how I was doing something for me. It really was not anything big but at the same time it was a big thing. The post is here well any way I have been trying to just get use to using the Library. I do have some very good things to say about what I have been able to do. Yet, there is always the not so good stuff that I must say.

Here are the not so good stuff, ( just so we can get it out-of-the-way.)

When I first started to use the audio books that I can down load from the web site, I was getting no where with it. I asked a person and they were no help. I was very up set with how they helped me. I was in one of the bigger Library’s and I really think they just didn’t know what they were doing. So I was kind of turnd off by them. If that was the only one that I could have been able to use I would have not even looked harder into it.

Here are the good things

I have moved on to one of the smaller Library’s it’s closer to home and I have found it to be a great one. So they were able to help me one on one. I think I have been reading some thing everyday. I can down load books from the library now, and I love being able to do that. There are not as many books to down load as there are CD’s of books. So I have been getting CD’s of books that is not bad and I like being able to get myself into the book, and get away from the hurting of my body and just be me. I like to think I’m a fly on the wall and am looking at the story.

Funny story about me and the checking out of books.

So one day I was going to be taking my book back and I saw that there was one waiting for me. I thought to my self great I have one more to read for the weekend. Well when I got to the library I had not one but five books. I am still trying to read them all. But really I only thought that I was going to have one and then I’m walking out with five. I did ask how I could stop them from coming  so fast. They showed me how to go about putting things on hold but not getting them right away. So that was good news for me.


So as I’m trying to save money for moving this summer and all the bills that I have for doctors that I go to it’s nice to know that I can stop using my audible account. I’m not going to stop it but I am going to change some thing around.

I have had some people ask me why I like trying something new when really it’s been there for years. The only thing that I can think of is that I like to learn and do things on my own time and with my own will. I really think that this is from my loving and dear Dad.

I hope to keep going to the Library some times just to get out the house or a spot to go when I know I have had a long and hard day at work and don’t want to come home. You know just be some were that you would feel like just going and hanging out.


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