Lent is here again


Ok I have to tell you that Lent is not starting of as well as I would have liked it to. I did go the church like I was suppose  to but then it’s been all down hill from there. I have been fighting of something like a cold or something with my body. and I don’t like it. I had to stay home for the last two days. I even had to call one of the appointments that I had on friday and tell them I was not able to come. So I’m kicking myself about that . I found a great book for lent but I have not been able to read it. So as you can see it’s not starting off as well has I would have liked . I hope God understands that I’m trying but it’s just not working for me.


Oh yes have ever told you that Easter is one of those holidays that I don’t like at all. Most people are so happy that Easter is here and Christ was put on the cross for use. Do you see something very wrong with this whole thing. I will have to post something about this later but I can really say in that Holidays that the Church is big on Christmas and Easter I have the hardest time with this one. Not from an out sider looking in but more like a person that is in the church and standing in the middle say “THIS IS SO WRONG” and no one listening to why I feel the way I do. Again I could keep going on and on about this about lets just say that Lent is a hard time for me and my body is having a hard time with being health.


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  1. Mary,
    I think the fact that Easter bothers you, tells us that you are paying attention. You, understand that it is not just a story but a real Man named Jesus underwent some horrible suffering and to you, that seems so wrong. I understand that.

    I guess from God the Father’s perspective, people were worth it because, as you know, by Jesus Death, He conquered death or, as the Eastern Orthodox put it, He “trampled down death by death”

    So, although His suffering was great, His glorious Resurrection was greater!
    And He invites us to share in that Glory!

    Have a blessed Lent.

  2. Jim

    I feel like I’m the only one around that feels this way. A lot of my friends just see it as a great day for the church. I am trying to read a book right now. That tells about Jesus a just a man and not really a bad man. It’s kind of like reading a book of the man of jesus. So I’m hoping this is going to help me.

    With Lent now on what am I going try and do things that I have never really been able to do. The thing that I would love to do is to read these books and really a book that I got just for lent.

    I think this is the first time I have every had someone tell me that I understand that it is not just a story but a real Man. So I have to say thank you again.

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