A little thing for one person, but a big thing for me


This is going to be a very small post but I had to write this down. All through school I had to use the library. This is one of those things that I did not like to do in any way shape or form. When I had to do papers that needed all the places I got my info. That was so hard for me. I did not grow up with all the high tech things that kids have these days. Every thing that I has was the paper, and all the books from the library. It was so hard on me and my family because reading was just so hard, with the lovely reading problem from the disability.

Well as I am older now and I have found with a lot, of pushing from my mom, thank you. That I can do so much from the library. I can get books right to my I touch. I am listening to a book right now. And, yes I have just put a book on hold for my self.

You might not think this is a big thing but for me it is a very big thing.


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  1. I think that is a very big and very good thing, Mary. I am proud to see that you are not afraid of this challenge and that you have found the library to be useful in a way that you can enjoy!

    It is what I want all my students to learn, too! Thanks for being a good example.

    Oh, and I hope you enjoy that book!

    • Maria

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Aftere 34 years of not liking books and not feeling like I could do it. I have learned that in my own time I will be able to do it. So that is what I did I had to do it in my own time.

      Yes, I had many Library cards and I even had a friend show me the ins and outs of the Library here in MN. ( I had to be like 31 I think). I found out that it was still to hard for me. But in my own time with my own will I did it.

      for the book that I was reading well I think I feel asleep. So I need to read it again before it goes back. 🙂

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