Love my blog


I love my blog, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. All the people that said I would not . . . are just so wrong. My teachers, friends and all the Doctors that said that. You are wrong. Even the people these days who say “you will not do this or that” are wrong. I will do it, I don’t know how but I will do it.

I’m not as strong as I was at one time.  I look back at old pitchers and I remember “I did that” and oh yes “I did that too.”  Yet, why am I writing about how much I love my blog. Well I can say that I have a blog, I love to write in it, and I’m doing something that people said I would not be able to do and that is “write.” Well, look at me now, I’m being able to put two words together and make them make sents. Hell, I’m able to put 1,000 words together and make a blog post. So, look at me now, all the people that said writing is going to be my down fall.


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