there is something that I would love to post


Have you ever just wanted to post say something but you have not been able to get the author to Ok it. You see I have changed the spoon theory to use my own disability.  However the person that as the copy writes on it has not written me back to tell me if I can use it. Well post it here. I would love to just be able to put it here. I would give all the good words to the person that wrote it. I would only say that I have my disability. The organelle one is over here. . . You now give her the rights all hers.

So what would you guys do?


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  1. Mary, Jim is right. You are adapting your post from another and giving credit and a link is all you need to do. WordPress probably lets you right click on the name and add the hyperlink when referring to it (I can’t do it here). If I were writing this related to me, my approach would be to say something like: “Anyone who has read The Spoon Theory written by Christine Miserandino ( thinks of how to explain their own unique struggles in the world in relationship to Miserandino’s Spoon Theory. For me, being left after twenty years of marriage created a series of losses that only those who’ve experienced divorce truly understand. Like Miserandino’s spoon technique, I could explain what those loses are to a friend by giving her a handful of spoons. I’d give my friend Marcia 5 spoons representing her grandchildren; two spoons to represent the the positive absence of betrayal (one betrayal by a husband, the other by a best friend). I’d give Marcia a spoon to represent the joyful celebration of the marriages of her daughters and son – free from uncomfortable ex-spouses and their new spouses…. That’s how I’d do it, If you refer to the article, giver the author credit and link there is no infringement of copyright. If you think you have a better idea than spoons (say cumquats :), then just say you were inspired by the spoon theory. It’s kind of like writing a research paper in college (That’s why instructors want you to credit the source in one way or another). Very cool idea, Mary and you’re very conscientious in thinking about this topic! Go to it, girlfriend

  2. PS – Mary, My post above might be confusing. I meant the part from “Anyone who has read…” to “and their new spouses” to be my sample essay and the part after, my comment to you stating that’s how I would approach it if I were writing a posting about The Spoon Theory.
    Cheerio, kiddo – Love, Billie

    • Hey Billie

      I am so glad that you wrote on my blog. I’m so happy that you are around. I’m sorry about not being able to read your things. Life is so up and down I can’t believe that I have time to write now. But as you and Jim said I just need to put a link in my post.

      Hey you know I have been talking to some old friends from NHCC. I am still working at the bank also.

      Thank you again for reading my blog. Hey who would have thought that I would be writing a blog after all the long days of writing papers back in school,

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