Who is Mary with out her Faith and disability?


I got to thinking about this thing of who am I really with out my faith and or my disability. I would hope that I would still be a kind person. I would still be Mary from Mn. I would still have great life. I would love to say that I would be like my sister.

There are still things that might not have been a part of my life-like they are now. I think it would have to have been the disability. If I would have stayed out west I don’t think my disability would have been such a big thing. I really think that the cold of MN is what has made my body act like it is now. Yes it would still be a part of me but Oh my would have not been in the fore front.

I would like to say that I would still be a person that would love to go out side in the summer and winter to get some walking in. I would still love the people around me, you know family, friends, loved ones. I would have still gotten my college degree. I would still have friends that loved me for who I am.

I also think that I would have moved out at the same time that I did. (My Dad said you can stay until you get out of college)

I might not have gotten in to apple things. All the schools that I went to did everthing P.C.

I stil would have a job that pays the bills.

I would still have a car, even if it was the same car my dad got me for my first car.

I would only have to see a doctor one or two times a year.

I would still look at the world with eyes of a young person.

I would hope that I would have been married now.

I might have even become a teacher.

So that is what I think I would be with out my faith and my disability. I would have been just a plane person that was not sticking out like a thum.


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