I’m glad I got out today


Today was a day that I was not looking at as a day that I really wanted to get out in. However, one of my friends had asked if I would like to get coffee with her. At first I told her no I was not going to be able to get out of the house. I forgot the boy friend was going out with some of his friends and it was good for him. So I called my friend back and told her that yes I could get out today. Well to put it in a little better way I’m glad I got out because Sunday is going to be a bit harder to get out and about. I’m happy to say that even though it was hard on the body with the cold I did it and I’m glad I did it. So now I need to get off this thing and go to bed after stretching my back.

I can say that the cold is winning out on my body. I’m just not one to be in the cold. I am a person that can do some cold but not like MN cold. So I ask myself “why do I live here again?”

Well like I said I should be getting going and off to bed. I thought I would drop a note to say that today was a good day to get out.


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