I have been thinking about a lot


This year I have been trying to do something different. I have been working on coming to a place were I don’t just say something before I think of it. I’m trying to stay OPEN. So as I have been working on staying open to the thoughts of others. I will be also staying open to the voice of God.

Wait let me try to put this in words that make sense to you and me. Last year I tried to hear the voice of God. I don’t know when I started this but it had to have been some time when Father at church was talking about being open to the Holy Spirit. Well later that summer I can say that I had a feeling of something coming over me at church. I know it was at one of the low times of the summer. It was during the time when the trial was or the time when I know that something was not right with the doctor that hurt me. Yet, I was very much trying to stay open to the Holy Spirit and at the lowest of low days I felt like God was telling me “it’s ok my child. You are hurting today and I will be hear with you as you try and hold on to what you know is true.” Yes I know that it is somthing that I should not be talking about openly but I think you will get it.

The last thing is to stay open to people that I don’t like or understand. This is more to the work coach, In the past few months she has been trying to get me to think of other ways of looking at my money or job. I have been very much I don’t want to hear what you have to say so I’m just going to say NO.  Well then when I would talk to other people they would say to me the same things that she was saying and I would go and do what they said and I would find that it was a better thing. It could be just about anything that she would say  and then when some one other then her would say the same thing but in a diffrent way it would be this big and great thing.

So, To be open to God and his word is something that I am going to do with the work coach. I feel like God sent the Holy  Spirit  to say yes I am here but you need to hear me in your everyday life. You need to be willing to be open to hear me in places you don’t think I will be. So to be Open this year is what I’m going to try and do.


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