Having a hard time with shopping for the christmas time


Have you ever had a hard time with shopping. I know it is something that I’m suppose to love to do, I’m a girl, these are things that girls are supposed to love to do, I don’t like it at all, it might be that I have no money and I don’t know what to do about this. I don’t have many people to buy for but at the same time. I know I will be getting things, from family. I miss so much because I don’t like to shop. I think it might be because I know I will not be with my mom and dad. I’m just a family girl person. I know that I need to look at other people and what they don’t have but at the same time I don’t have anything to give away.

I also know that this is a very bad time of year for my disability. So if anyone that would like to share a way that I could get through this funk that I’m in right now I would love to. I have to say that I have been able to get the tree out and last night I have been able to take pitchers of my advent candles. However, I have not been able to do anything more than that.

I did go to the doctor, not for this just because I had to go, it’s that time of year. Anyway I was having a hard time with many things. And I got to tell them all. It just happened that I had to go to both doctors that deal with my drugs. So I was able to tell them about the funk I have been in. I was also able to tell them how much pain I was in.

So back to shopping. I have about 5 people to bye for and then a few here and there. So I’m trying to work on going shopping after work one day. The only day of the week that I don’t have things that I have to do. Yet, that is up to the body and how much I had to work that day. So I don’t know when or where I will get the time.  I found a great shop that will not be that much money when I need to find clothes for me. As for friends and family I’m kind of going up a hill.


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  1. Hey Mary

    I hear you about the time of year and the the funk. This time of year stresses me out because I never feel like I have enough $ on a regular basis. So Christmas sort of intensifies that. I have a few suggestions for you. First off get yourself a wheelchair for the shopping. The crowd make so nervous because I am afraid that I will be bumped into and fall. How embarrassing not to mention I could hurt myself. I know that it’s important for those of us with CP to do all the physical things we can. And it took me a long time to get over my hang ups about using a chair in those times. But I found that it knocked down my stress about having to go out in crowds a ton and though I don’t really enjoy shopping either it makes the social aspects more enjoyable because I don’t worry about the crowd or the pain lots of walking might cause. Most malls will rent a chair for a nominal fee. Also if you want to feel better about things do something for somebody to make this time a year a little brighter. Its not about buying the perfect thing. We all know that but it doesn’t cost anything to give of your time. If you can’t be with your parents like you want then maybe do something for a neighbor who isn’t with family either. Every year I find a giving tree and spend $20 or so to give a child in my neighborhood a better christmas. I don’t buy things for my parents because they would rather my sister and I gave to charity or did something nice to help out another family. We are lucky to have what little we have and helping someone have a better holiday is what it’s about. So if you don’t have the $ to spend bake something (Homade gifts ROCK) or write a lonely friend or neighbor a letter or card or make a call and tell them how much you care. Little things mean so much and really believe that’s what this time of year is really about.

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