Can some one tell me why little kids want to get older?


Why is it that when we are little we are all about getting older. Now that I am older and I have seen a bit of the USA  it’s not that great. I don’t have the family closeness. Yes my family is very close but how did I a person who loves her family so much have a hard time when family time comes around. Why is it that my body hate’s me more and more when I get older? I think I have one or two people who are not in my family seeing how hard it really is. I don’t tell my family how hard it is for me to move. I know they know that life is a bit harder than I really let on I think that if I believe it then I will not have to worried about them knowing how hard it really is. My family has been though a lot. As a good child I never wanted to let on that I hurt mom knows everything. So, she know what was up when I was little. I thought that in the back of my mind that when I got older than it would not be as bad. Man was I wrong. If I could go back to those days I would have told myself that I need to live for today and nothing more. I should had loved every moment with my family. Mom, Dad, and my loving sister.

Now as a older person I look at my cousin’s and nephew and nieces, I try and take in as much as I can because I will not be very long when we all start to hear I can’t wait until I got older. Really there is not much of anything good when you get older. So I try and sit and wash them all. I can see how bad they would like to be older. If there is something that I can say to them it would be Stay a kid as long as you can. When you get older it is not that great.


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