I support the rights of people with disabilities most the time


All right I have to say that I do support the rights of people with disabilities. yet, they need to be doing something to better them selfs. I’m not talking about little kids and I’m not talking about people who are not able to think for them selfs. People who know right from wrong.

I feel that there is a level of people that just can’t do things for them selfs. Yet, there are people who have a disability that can do things for them self. And I think that is who I’m writing this post about. I have a hard time with these type of people that think they have the right to everything. They feel like the world needs to give them everything. Is the right or is these wrong? I don’t know it would be something that you as a person need to decide.

Here lets look at me. I am a person with a disability

I work at a desk job

I pay my taxes

I pay my own bill’s

I drive my car from here to there. I just payed it off this year!

I have so very good friends

Yes I do

need to use LTD

Need to use a work coach to help me at work

need to make AND keep appointments that I have

So yes if I was not me I would support a person like myself.

It’s the people that sit at home looking for hand outs that I have a hard time with. It’s the people that don’t do something to better there life’s that I have a problem with.

If you think that this is wrong them say something.

This is just one persons point of view and you can take it or leave it.


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