So the Holidays are here


It’s so hard to believe that  the Holidays are here again. I feel like I was just putting up things around the apt.  Well, last night I got to go to my sister’s house and watch some very 4 happy little kids put things on a tree. They were so happy to do the same things that I loved to do when I was their age. The 4 kids are of all sizes so this year the stuff got A L L  over the tree. I did get some pitchers of them. I even got a few pitchers of them putting things on the kids tree. So I hope that this year will be great for them all.

Take some time and which a little kid and try to remember when you were that age. I know that I can take myself back to being 6 years old and just being so happy. I also remember mom telling me to “bring it down” Mom is a great person she always make sure that there was two of everything. At the time I didn’t understand why, she would tell use that it was so that my sister and I would be able to put one of the two things up on the tree. Now I know that she had two of everything so that when her girls got old there was going to be the same things for her girls trees as Mom’s. I do have a tree but it’s a bit small. and some of the things don’t fit on it but it’s still fun to put it out.


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