Winter in Mn


Yes, I did write a post about winter being here in MN. Well, all the snow is gone for now. and I am very happy to say that I’m doing good. I have also been finding out a lot about me. Winter is a very hard time for me, I think you guys all know it. Yet, this year I’m trying to find other ways to look at winter in a different way. Now I say that I’m going to try to work on looking at winter different but I know it’s going to be hard. So, I’m hoping to find some snow clothes yes snow pants. If I’m going to live here it’s time that I get some snow pants. My winter clothes are going to be coming out this weekend I think. But really I’m ready to take a lot of pitchers for me to put together for myself and my family.

After I got my I touch and I got my I pad I have just found that I love pitchers. I would love to get something that is better than the I touch but right now I have known money and there will be many post about money and how much I don’t have. I’m glad that I am finding this part of my life out before I go all out for Christmas. I am finding new ways to make and give presents. It’s hard to now this because there are little kids to buy for, this year. It’s been a long time for not having little kids to buy for, so I find it hard for me not to love seeing little kid faces light up.

I am learning that I don’t need anything from people. Really I would love is to know that my family is doing well.


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