Pet peeve


I have not had a big thing happen to me to call it a pet peeve in a very long time. So this is what I am a bit upset with. Don’t look at me as a person in a Group. Look at me as just me, I have been so upset about people putting me in this group or that group. . .

Here is a few things that might help you not think about me as being in a group of disabled people

My name is Mary

I am a person

I have feelings

I work very hard

I HAVE  a disability

I can’t stand when people say I’m a part of a group. Or I work with those kind of people.

I’m not a group.

I’m a person

I’m a Catholic

I’m a sister

I’m a friend

I’m a person that has a boy friend

I’m in love

I have a family  that loves me for who I am

I have a job and pay taxes

I do have to use the ADA LAW but I try very hard to make all appointments after work.

Don’t think that I am hiding behind my disability to try to get out of doing things because I am not.


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  1. Jim, Thank you so much for just being a dear on line friend. I have been having these feeling like I have been looked at as a group of people. I think it came from my sis but every now and again I have to write it down. I know I started writing my blog in 2008, and I have been very much into keeping with how I see what the world is like. So some times I just have to re tell some of the some things again.

    So thanks Jim for reading my little blog.

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