No I’m not going to become an Amish person. I have found a set of books that I have loved to listen to when I’m at work. I love to listen to this whole group of books about the Amish people and I love it. Right now I’m reading about a family that is not so different than normal people. Yes the Amish have very different life styles, so reading about them makes me feel like I life is not that bad.  I’m reading or hearing “The Betrayal” I think I started to like reading this  books after I read the book “the shunning ” I then got to see the move that is when I got the bug to start reading it. I am getting all of my book from I have to say thank you to my boss about getting on to audible. I love it and because I’m a member of  Audible I get book at a lower price.


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    • They are great for me at work. I can work and listen to them as i work. Thanks Jim for all your comments to my little blog. I love seeing and knowing that some one is reading it.

  1. I used to spend all of my working day by myself on a quadbike waaay out on a reclaimed peat bog, my only company the local wildlife, birds, bees … and my trusty iPod Shuffle. I’d download everything from podcast lectures to music, and the occasional audio book; great stuff.

    • Argus

      Yes, I love doing just that. I have music and podcast and now I have app’s and more app’s. I have found my self listening to books more and more. I don’t listen to many podcast any more.
      Yet, I know that will change.

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