Hi all it’s winter here in Mn


Today is the first time that we have had anying kind of snow. and it looks like it’s going to be kind of bad for driving. I’m glade that I don’t need to go out in it. I’m working hard to just stay warm I’m thinking it’s time to take out the winter stuff. You know I have always had a box or two of clothes for the different times of year.

When I look out the window I start to think about when I was little. I miss those days. There are just so many stores that I would love to write down but what I am thinking is some thing different then what would come out on my blog. So for know they will stay in my mind of great stories.

Sorry about that I was writing about the snow. The only good thing that I can see is that whole snow thing is that this year is not going to be a long winter. You, see last year at this time we had all ready had snow and a lot of it. This will be fun because I get to start taking pitchers of snow things. I don’t like snow and all of you guys know that but you know what I think I’m going to try and work on thinking of pitchers that I can take.


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