it’s fall and I don’t like it


Fall is making my body just hurt. I feel like the whole body wants to get in bed and put the blanches on and not come out for a lot time. I know that it will not be the thing that I can do but I don’t like this time of year. Fall in all is very nice but now we are past OH look at the trees. It’s now I need to get out the warm clothes and it’s not fun.

Oh yes I have to up date you all about my Aunt, she is doing well. Not to get into too much things went very good at the hospital. She is out and now she is a short-term care place in town. If you are a praying kind of person just keep her and my family in your prayers please and thank you.

Other than that I’m just getting through my days and I’m just trying to get  from here to there. I do have to good posts coming up. But for now. It’s just a cold day and I wanted to just say that my body does not like me at all.


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