It has been a long time sends I got to be able to say I know how to do it. Today was a day like every other days that the bank is open on a holiday . Because RDI’s have a lot to do with the FED’s and other banks we did not get very much work at all. So with less than 75 items I had a feeling that I was going to be doing a lot of BIC today. Well, that was not it, we got to do something that I had already learned. I got to teach my co-workers on how to do what we needed to do. I got to show and teach my co-works something that I have all ready know how to do.

It’s just been so long seats I got to shine. I know that it’s not a nice thing to say. But you guys I was in my place to shine. I really don’t get to shine much at work. Yet today I did.

Now on Thursday, it will be very busy in the RDI area. I can put a book on and then just go. Work like I know how, keep my head down and just work. Thursday is going to be ketch up day for us because today was a FED holiday.


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