Yes another post about Steve Jobs


Yes, I know that almost all people are writing blogs about how Steve Jobs changed there life. Well for this person and her little blog. Steve Jobs did so much. With out the voice out put I would not have been able to write in this blog. I might not have ever found my self putting a blog together. I would have not been able to find friends through podcasts. I would not have been able to put my podcast together.  I would not have been able to read things on-line with out the speech out put. I think I would not have had good talks with friends and family’s. I hope that you all get what I am saying.

So with out apple and the life long person that we all know as Steve Jobs. I would not have been able to do all the things on the net that I am doing. Don’t forget about all the things that I have now that is an apple thing. I touch, I pad, I pod, ect. Things that make my day go by much easy now then befor. So really that is all I have to say, about what this man has done for me. Being disable is one thing but having the tools to make my life better is always a good thing.


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  1. Yes, that goes for me to….rhrough podcasts,my spiritual journey towards Orthodoxy began and continues! Thank you, Steve Jobs!

    • Jim I think that a lot of people are in the same kind of boat you and I are in. If we start to think hard about what started use to do what we do. it has to be because of apple and something that Steve Jobs did.

  2. Mary I thought the exact same thing about the accessibility features that my macbook came with. We will miss you Mr Jobs and thank you so much from those apple users with disabilities

  3. Laura,

    Like I said in the post if it was not for him and his thinking. I would not be able to do my blog at all.

    There are days that I would like to write at post with out the help of the Mac and show people how much time it take me to do a post takes me. What do you think?

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