Fall is here


Fall is here, Oct always was the start of fall in my mind. When I was still living with my family out west it was the time of year that the weather changed. Most the time it would be a time that the trees would change and it would be so much fun to go out side and see what was going on. I think that one of the best things was when we were in Flagstaff Az. I loved to be out side at this time of year.  As a very young kid I was living in CA. I remember that the Hot weather would change and life was a bit better. I remember going to the mountainses and having lunch. That was one of the things and almost the only things that I remember about Fall in C A.

Now that I am on my own I am learning that I need to make new memories of what fall is like. So I am going to just that. I found an app and it is 365 days of pitchers. So starting today I will be taking a pitcher of something for the next month. I know it’s going to be hard but I know I can do it.

Why am I doing somthing like this you might be asking your self. Well it’s been a very long time sents I have tryed to do something for myself. I mean in a good way, yes I have been trying to get over my PTSD. I have also been trying to get use to doing new things at work. But really I need to just do a good thing for me. Try and make time and good memories for me. Man I have a lot of bad ones but good ones are somewhat hard to find. I mean fall and winter are always hard on my body and life just take a spin out of contral for me. But it’s time to make good ones, again.


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