cleaning 101


I am writing this post because I need some help. I need to get down to the one two punch. Cleaning is not my thing. I believe I get this bad habit of not being able to clean from my dad. My sister is much different. she can and will clean if she is mad or something like that. When I am mad I get mad.

Wait back to cleaning

Does anyone have a good way that they clean. I mean do you work and do you have a family and still find the time two clean during the week, so it does not take all weekend? I am finding myself getting over well-mend very easy and I can’t do it. So if you have a Monday I do this… Tuesday I do this . . . ect. Now I know somethings need to get done every day like dishes and pots and pans.

I have looked at apps and I can’t find one that is going to work. I have talked to people to find out how they do it.  I have even tried to make a check list

So can some one or anyone help me!!

Thank you for reading this post. Now you can get back to what ever you were doing.


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