this is one of the pitchers that I love


I really like this pitcher. I love the way all the seeds are in line. You can see the time that my co-workers family had to take to make sure that the weeds did not get into the flower seeds. This reminds me of something that the bible said.

It went something like this the farmers had just put their seed down and some one at night came and put down weed seed. The men were very mad because they didn’t know what to do. So Jesus told them to raise the seed and when it is time to pick. You will see the weeds and then you can not pick them.

Yes I’m not getting it right, but you guys know what I’m trying to say. So as I look at this pitcher I think of that part of the bible and then I try to put myself in the “am I a seed of good or am I a seed of bad” I know it is kind of heavy but I do think of this a lot .


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