As I try and get back into blogging


I am trying to get back in to blogging. I am finding it hard to write again. At one time I was so good at it. I found it easier than talking. Yet, now I just find it’s hard to do both. What I would like to say is not always what comes out of my mouth. Some time I think it’s just because of me getting older, there are other times that I think it’s because I am trying to deal with the disability.

Now lets me tell you something that I think is wrong with me right now. Now that I am learning how to deal with my C P I find myself saying oh it’s because of the disability. In some ways yes it is but in other ways I don’t think so. This past summer I did very good with a lot of things. Other things were hard. I could see that Oh 1+1=2. However, there are still times that I don’t see it. And that is when I really don’t see that 2+2=4. Now some of this is just be and my very long learning curve. But other times it’s me not wanting to learn how to deal with the C P.  So I think that is why I have been so quite this past summer. I have always known that I had the C P. Now I’m learning how to deal with as an older person. So it’s been hard for me to just sit in it.  So besides the PTSD that I’m still working on. I have tried to put it a side (which is hard) and looking and just be with the C P.  It’s just so hard for me. I’m learning that it is a lot of things that I’m trying to work on.


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