Good things


Oh my, I have so many good things to tell you all. I don’t even know where to start. I don’t think I have every had this many good things to talk about. First of all, my car is PAYED OFF. I’m so happy that I got it payed off three months early. Yes three months early, I just got the letter from them in the mail. I was so happy and still am very happy about this whole thing.

The next thing is that this past week I went out with my group for dinner. This is a big thing, because there are two men in the group. I didn’t think that it would work out. I have been with the group for about two months. I really love it. I’m still very quite in the group. Yet. I am worming up to it.

Another thing, is that I have made my mind up  that I want to look forwards and not back. People from the past have started to call me and I don’t feel it would be good for me to look back.

Next in line is that I got to go up to see mom and dad a lot this year. I love them so very much. Thanks for having me come and go.

One of the last things is that I am learning that I like to read. I did something that I didn’t think was a good thing but I am finding out that it is. I have an account with Audible. I am finding that I like to hear books. it’s something that I would have not ever thought I would say.

Things that I have read are

Remember by Karen Kingsbury

Heaven is for real  by Tod Burpo

Things that I have are

Plugged excerpt by eoin colfer

return by Karen kingbury

Emma by Jane Austen ( I don’t like it so far) But I’m going to try it again

Sunrise by Karen Kingsbury.

I even have samples from IBook I’m finding I like them a lot also.

So I am learning that I can read.

I’m finding out this summer that I really like taking pitchers. This summer I used my I touch to talk pitchers. I have a lot of apps. I have found that I like some for one or two things and others I just don’t use.

I have also been working very hard at EMDR this summer. I think it’s starting to work. Yes it’s working I think.

The last little bit of news is that my nephew has started school. I still can remember being at the air port to pick him up. Now he is starting school. He looks so big now.


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