A week that was a bit better


I am sitting here at my sis’s house and writing this bog. I hope and pray that I don’t get sick. The boyfriend has been sick so I try and stay out of the way. The way my weeks have been going I don’t see him much. The weeks are just getting to the point were if something has to change I have to move three other appointments. So keeping up with what I need to do is making it hard to have time to just be and get some energy for the next week.

I know that people would say the c p dose not get worries when you get older, but they lie.


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  1. I do think it does. I know I can’t do some of the things that I would have been able to do before. Like marching band, Riding on a bike or standing with my feet together. I would love to be able to go on a bike ride again. Can’t do it.

    I know what you are getting at, were C P dose not get worse. I understand were you are coming. Just think about it. Can you do some of the things that you might still want to do. Are you able to get up out of bed and said today is going to be a day like when I was little.

    I know I can’t say that at all. Even when I was going to college and running all over the place. I know I can’t just get up and say I am ready to go. It hurts to move some times. I don’t like the cold and my body hates the cold.

    But I am still doing the things that I need to do to be as self independent as I can.

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