Today is a day that I think EMDR is working


I have been thinking about all the different doctors that I go and see. Really it’s not that many people, it just looks like I see a lot of people. So Why did I think EMDR is working. Well I’m getting better with having people around me. I can look back to where I was two or three years ago and say Man I have come a long way from where I have started. The road was hard but I have come a long way.

On the other hand I look the other way and I say man I have a long way to go. I still can’t see the light at the end of all of this. Yet, people around me are saying that it’s something. So today as I sit here having not a good morning but a day.

I can say that EMDR is working and PTSD is getting better. I do jump still. But I have a way to work through it. There is a part of me that jump and keep moving and there are still parts of me that jump and still want to stay still. I just keep telling myself that I will be Ok and keep moving. Don’t get me wrong I still have a hard time with it but I am moving through it. I just wish it would be better faster, oh and the more I try and make myself move faster through this whole thing of EMDR and PTSD my body just makes it go slower and I don’t move at all. So one’s again the body tells me what and how fast I can make it move.



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  1. EMDR is awesome Mary. Give it time it will work. I had PTSD too and it took care of it for me! You might just be a jumpy person. I always have been….and still am. Don’t be so hard on yourself it will help!

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