My time a way from the city


Hi all, I hope you guys have had a great first half of July. This year like all years in the past I took time off from work and went up north. It was so much fun. I was there for 11 days. I was not going to come back to the city until the 13th but I came home because it was time to get home and I had a feeling that I needed to be around for my mom.

My mom is fine and things are great. Mom and dad had to come down to the city for a few days for things that they needed to do.

However, my time up at the cabin was some thing I needed. Any time that I get to go up north it’s better. I love my family. I love spending time with them. I am a very big family person. So, just being with family was the best birthday gift ever. I think my dad had so much fun because he got to do things with all of his friends, family and love one’s. I don’t ever thing that there was more people coming and going like it was during that week. I know that mom had a good time also.

It was just a good time with all the people. All the people around the lake got to eat pig, yes a whole pig. Afere looking a pitchers that I took and just being there I really think that the people around the lake are like family. If anything happens to someone, people all around the lake will help in any way that they can. I have seen this in a few ways. It was not just this year but it has happend a few times that people have come to help with things. So I know now that my mom and dad are going to be Ok. I know that people all around the lake and some of the other lakes will help my parents out if they need help.

Back to the pig. My Aunt really wanted to have a pig roast. So my dad and one of my cousin’s when and got a big fat pig and on July 3rd we had a big pig roast. I didn’t eat any of it but there was lots of pig. It got out and people started to come around and see if we were really going to have a pig roast. When they saw the pig they asked if they could bring something to help. I think dad said bring your self. we have a lot of pig. The next thing I hear is cars coming, bringing tables and moving things around. It was great to see people coming to help and to eat.  I really liked the whole thing of have friends around the lake with my family just having a good time.

It was so much fun to see all the people come and eat and then go home to make more food. I found out that there was going to be a chicken wings bake-off. So it was fun to see all the people around the lake talking like we were family. Others of us in my family were trying to put people together with other people. Kind of like this one is part of this family. I was getting to the point that I was just saying Oh they are people from around the lake.

Later on that day was the boat prade. It was fun to just sit and see all the boats. Life really could not get better.

After it was great to hear the stores of what happened on the boats. Both people on the boat and the people sitting on the shore line had many things to talk about. Later on that night was the fire works and they were great. I took lots of pix about that also. Like this one

Yes the pitcher is the right way. I’m looking up and it’s the tree that is making it look like that. Here is another one.

So really that whole weekend was great. I was happy to have all of my family around me when I had my birthday on the 4th of July. It was not until late that night that my cousin’s family remember that it was my birthday. They felt bad and really the only thing that I wanted from anyone was to know that they were my family and I didn’t want anything but to know they were family.

As people came and went it was great to just be there. The week was very fast and I had just a great time. My sis and her group came up the last weekend and got to play with there cousins. The boys were all about one thing and the girls were all about another thing. However, everyone got into the lake. it was so much fun. The boys are at the age that they are now swimming But everyone has a life vest on. The only time they got to take them off was when they were learning how to dive and they were also jumping off the dock and swimming to the latter to get out and do it all over again. Oh yes there is one very strong swimmer in the group but she still likes to have her vest on.

This is the best pitcher of all the little cousin’s. It’s so much fun to see them grow up. This will be the first year that all the little cousins are going to be in school.

So Thank you all for making my week off the best. I got to see some great people that I love very much. I was ready to come home to my dear boy friend. I was not ready for the heat.


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