The government shut down.


I don’t talk about the government in my blog at all. I try to keep that to myself. I don’t think I have to tell every one my thoughts and my feelings about the government. However, it is now having a bigger effect on me then I would like to say. Minnesota’s Government is shut down. I know it has been a very big thing in the news and things. I still have a hard time with why it had to come to this.

At this time because of it I don’t have a work coach. I am so upset about this. I know that I have been not liking this new one that much but come on I still need her for asking things. I run a lot of things past her all the time. It’s hard to know that when I get home and I get back to work I will not have a work coach. I think I have had a work coach for over 5 years. I know it’s hard to believe that I have had one and that I needed one for that long. Yet, I think my work coach’s have been with me through a lot with me. I think I have gotten more out of having one. I have been able to see them and ask them so many questions. I just can’t see work with out having one, What  to do is all I ask what to do.

So until this whole things with the government gets figured out I have no work coach. I’m worried, scared, and I don’t know what I’m going to do. Yet, I am a person that will try very hard to work to get through this whole problem. This is much more than what our government is doing.

One of the other things that I see myself using my work coach for is a lot of the behind the work things. I know I call her a bit here and there. But I still need a person to run things buy, if you know what I mean. So Thank you to the government for shutting down. You are not only hurting the people who are out of work you are also hurting the people that are still working and that need the help of state workers.


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