The 5th of July


Hi all, I would like to just put out a little post to tell you all that I am having a great time here at the cabin. I always have fun up here at the cabin and I think you all know that. However,  I think it’s a better time this time around. I was having a hard time right before I came up.  I think a lot of it was that I was just feeling myself at all. I needed the break from what ever was going on. I had so much going on that I just could not get it together. Both of the main doctors had been asking about when was I going to see the parents. I believe it was about months before I was going to be coming up here.  So I think they could see that I was needing this time off.

So I’m up here and you know I love it so much I love having the time the family and the life that I have. Yes it’s not the best life I would like or anything but it’s good.  I have food on the table and family to talk to and some times I forget about that. You know when you just forget what you have.

So fair there is not too much to complain of at being 34. I have some very big things that I would love to do this year but that will have to be told in another post.

I just thought I would come here today and tell you that I am having a good time on my time off from the city.


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