Yes I have a disability, Don’t start saying everything is because of it


I had a hard time last week talking to the work coach and we were talking about my life at work. I’m getting ready to learn some new things and I’m trying to leave an open mind about it. However, the one person that I don’t have to keep a good face on should be the work coach, right? Well that is not what happened. She said that because, I was so worried about learning this new thing. That the anxiety was getting the better of me and “anxiety” is my disability. The only thing I could think of this no it’s a part of it. I have C P as my disability however don’t start saying that everything is because of my disability. Some of what I have is just life and I know it, I get it but you should be here to help me be the best person at work that I can be.

So anything that I said was taken in a way that I felt that she was and did keep saying it’s the anxiety your disability. By the end of the hour I was stiff and mad. She did not even see that I was in pain. I had told her about the pain and how it was hurting my work. I’m having pain in both legs and it’s just there. I have called all the doctors about it and they all say the same thing. However, I thought she should know about this. So back to us leaving she did not see or look at me and my face of pain.

Something is telling me that I’m glad that she didn’t see me because she would have said oh that is just your disability.

I have to say in this post that yes I have a disability but it has only been a bit that I have been able to say I have cerebral Palsy and really believe that I have it. I’m still learning how to understand what that means to me and how I live my life. I am still learning all the things that I can do and all the things that I just have to do in a different way. I will always get the job done in one way or another it’s just how am I going to do it.

So as life keeps going on I will still be a person in learning. Yet, please don’t say it’s because you have a disability. It’s a part of me it’s not all of me. I know I have to learn things about the disability,, the Cerebral Palsy. So if you can help that would be great. Oh yes, you all are great for reading about the up’s and down’s of a person that is just trying to live in the world of today.


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  1. I have CP. I don’t think CP has anything to do with anxiety really. Everybody’s CP is different. For me, I do find that change is hard. I am slower than other people doing physical things. I have pain and I get tired easily. But I know what you mean, it is NOT all about CP! When I was in college I had a big fight with my roommate, and she said she would never live with a handicapped person again. I said, what we are fighting about is not about a wheelchair! Would you say you will not live with a person who has brown hair and blue eyes again? It was just not fair, but it was the easiest thing for her to see.

    • titlevariesslightly,

      Lots of people think they know CP and they might work with people who have it. However, Like you said Everybody’s CP is diffrient and I don’t think she even new how much it just hit me like a tun of bricks.

      I know that as I have gotten older my C P has gotten worries so I don’t believe the doctors that say C P does not get worries when you get older. I don’t know if you have found that it’s harder to do some things that you could do when you were a kid. But, for me I know I would never be able to march in a High school band again.

      I am glad that you have found my blog.
      I would love to be able to read something that you have out there, only if you have a blog or something.

      Again thanks for reading my little blog.

    • Jim,
      I’m so happy that some one gets it. The disability is one thing but it’s not all of me. And I think people forget that I am a person first and the disability is just something I get to deal with. It’s kind of like haveing blue eyes. Not all people with Blue eyes are going to get skin cansore.

  2. Hi Mary!

    I started reading your blog after Dave Hingsburger wrote about things being blamed on his disability and you responded to it.

    And you’re right that you shouldn’t have to keep a good face on for the work coach.

    • Thanks Addelaide,
      I found Dave’s blog from a friend. She told me that I might like that post. And you know what I really did like it, in so many ways.

      Thanks for reading about me and my life jurnies.

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