people that get it and people that don’t get it


Hi all, it’s been a very hard day but I have made it one more day closer to the time off. I would like to just say right now that there are people in this world that don’t get what I and others are working through. These people are the people who think they know everything and anything. However, when something like what I am fighting they are the same people who say and do all the wrong things and just make it worse for us who are trying to get through to-day and the next day of life. These people are ones that I would just like to say ‘you have not a clue on what I am going through’

Most people who I talk to and all of my doctors are great. I have the best medical team. They do and understand who I am and how I feel. There are even times that they remember things that I would have never thought about again. So thank you to those people! There are people on the medical team that I still have to show them how much pain I’m in. I really find that these people are willing to learn what I am going through. They are willing to lissen to what I have to say or they are willing to see the tears come from the hurt that I have. Thank you so much to those who keep learning and not shuting me out. Or telling me to just get over it. Thank you to those who are learning. It’s not just these people that have and are learning that it’s a true hurt. My family and a lot of my friend have been able to see it and hear it.

The people that just don’t what to hear it or see it make me mad. It’s almost like if it did not happen to them it well not hurt them. I feel sorry for these kind of people. I feel like they have not seen the world around them. I hurt for them. I think it’s because I have been there and it not a fun place to be. I know that the places that I have to go to are hard and they are placed that I need a hand and not a hurtful saying. Like just get over it. Or just move on. Some times I would like to tell them you come and walk with me for a week and hear everything that I am thinking and what I have to say to myself to get through today and then you might be able to see that what you are saying is not a good thing.

You need to know who gets it and who just doesn’t get it when you have to walk down a path by your self. The only way that I am going to be able to get past this pain is if I know who understands and who is just saying they understand.


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