How to keep going


There is something to say about “how to keep going” There are weeks well months that it is hard for me to just get out of bed. I try to think of a little boy who loves me so much. He makes it much easer for me to keep going. My nephew helps me to keep going. I would not ever want him to think that his Tia just gave up on her health. I also have Nieces to keep in mind. To see them have all the energy in the world makes me kind of upset that I can’t do some of the same things as them.

There are other days and even weeks that just keeping me going is the hardest thing. People don’t see how hard it is to just move. All of the doctors know how hard it is. Yet, my friends and co-workers don’t understand why I come in late. There are even times that to try to talk it out with my friends is hard.

I know that everyone has a cross that they have but man If there is a God up there can you please help me to understand how to keep going


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