my up date on GSPN.TV


Here is the up date on my health and fitmesscenter from GSPN.TV

As I have said befor I am going to tell you all about my week so take a set and come and reed
On monday I had all intention of going to the pool. However I did not get ou5 of work at 2 pm.
The next day I had to see the work couch. I did go to my sis house and I. Walked for a good half hour. Now some might think oh mary only 30 mins. Well to that I say in walking the right way. It’s veRy hard.
The next day I did say late because I had come in ti work late and it was going to be the last day that I would be able to see her. I did walk around my billding one time.
Throsday I had a doctor appoment.
Friday I again did nit leave work on time

Throughout this week I have learned that
1 I oneed to leave work on time.
2keep. Working on it, do not gi e in
3 take life and do what you can
Next week I do not have any appontments
So work and pool and walking is going to be on my plate. The other thing that I am going to do is start cleening what I came in the Pt.

Thank you all for helping me try to keep moving


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