just a little up date


As I have been working on so many things in my life I would love to tell you all that I will be starting to walk up and down the stares at the apt and at work. I did some cleaning this weekend and I think I have gotten all the things that I need to take here and there down to two bags and my lunch. So I should be able to go up and down the stares.

I think that I found out that I was even more out of shape this past week when I was at work. I only had to go up two or three flights of stares and I could not do it without feeling out of wind. So I am not doing the cart thing any more. It was just a way to let me use the elevators both at the apt and at home.

I am also going to start doing cleaning a bit more. I was talking to one of the doctors and she helped me to see that if I break it down I will be able to do it. She also said that it’s going to be one of the hardest things that I’m going to start. She even said that ones I get use to it I will just do it. However, it’s going to be the just doing it.


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